Quavo Joins Fan Controlled Football as Newest Team Owner

Fan Controlled Football (FCF) proudly announces Quavo of Hip Hop trio Migos as their newest team owner, joining the likes of boxing legend Mike Tyson, NFL Superbowl champion Richard Sherman, Kinda Funny YouTube and podcast headed by Greg Miller, NFL Super Bowl champion Marshawn Lynch, and major Twitch content creators.  Community members of the FCF family will also join lead owners as part of an ownership group. Together with fans, each team will shape its own individual identity on its way to a winning season.

“We are building a brand and something different in our league – with the fans. They are in control and get to pick the team names, colors, logos, and more,” Quavo explained. “I’m really excited because FCF is fast-paced, high-scoring, 7v7 football and you are in control. You go from sitting on the couch watching TV and pressing buttons on the remote to actually pressing the buttons on the plays.”

What is FCF?

A new and exciting season of football is headed your way with Fan Controlled Football (FCF). FCF offers fans a unique opportunity to call plays in real-time and will kick off in February 2021. The league will premiere four teams with professional-level athletes. The athletes will play games over a six-week schedule that will be live-streamed on Twitch. Twitch is a premium live interactive streaming service that features music, entertainment, sports, and gaming content amongst others.

“We are pushing boundaries and pioneering a new category of immersive sports that will be a seismic shift in the worlds of sport and entertainment,” said Sohrob Farudi, co-founder and CEO of FCF.  “Controlled Football is IRL meets URL. For the first time in sports history, fans get to call the shots for their team, everything from team branding, player selection, and real-time play calling is decided by the fans. This is the future of sports and we’re excited to co-create history with the fans.”

Who is Involved?

FCF partnered with some of the most well-known sports and entertainment superstars to be team owners and is sure to add to the fan experience. 

FCF is a real-life experience that combines the competitive nature of fantasy sports, the global impact of esports, the passion and excitement for live sports, and the interactive nature of video games into a unique live experience. Never before have fans been the managers of professional sports teams. With FCF, users get to form partnerships with the team owners. By playing each week, users will also be able to earn special achievements and even increase their “Fan IQ” to increase the impact their decisions have.

How Do I Sign Up?

Today, you can get started by aligning your profile to a specific team at  Don’t wait unless you want to be stuck on the sidelines instead of the action on the field.

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