Rihanna’s Fenty Signs Partnership Deal With Farfetch

Rihanna’s FENTY has partnered with the online luxury fashion retail platform Farfetch to expand it’s global reach. The FENTY x Farfetch Summer collection, entitled Release 6-20 can be shopped directly on Farfetch main website as well as

Rihanna launched her official FENTY clothing brand a few years ago with a memorable fashion show, that consisted of plus sized models and other models from various ethnic backgrounds. This was done in a deliberate attempt to break the “social norms” of the fashion industry which for a very long time has been known for discriminating against anyone who isn’t white and a size 2. 

What It Means For The Brand 

The chief commercial and sustainability officer over at Farfetch,Giorgio Belloli, said the following in a statement about the collaboration: We’ve long admired Fenty’s innovative approach to luxury fashion retail and the way they champion inclusivity for customers. Fenty was looking for a retail partner to double down on its digital-first business model and, with our global customer base and industry-leading platform model, it’s an ideal opportunity to work together”

Aside from the massive boost that this collaboration will give Farfetch, it’s also a play for FENTY as it will help the brand reach new global markets in countries like Brazil and the Middle East. 

The Release 6-20 collaboration itself consists of ready-to-wear summer pieces, in addition to the brand’s footwear collection that was designed byAmina Muaddi. It doesn’t stop there, the new FENTY collection will also feature a brand new multifunctional jewelry line. 

Each of these new products will be released in three separate phases, which is intended to highlight various aesthetics and youth cultures that gained inspiration from periods in which society is going through steep societal changes. 

This is a great move for FENTY as the brand has been looking for a way to deepen it’s digital-first online shopping model. 

How To Get Your Hands on The Collection 

If you’re interested in getting your hands on the new FENTY collection release, you can purchase the pieces by visiting either the official FENTY website or the official Farfetch online shopping platform. This is just the beginning for Rihanna’s FENTY clothing line as the company is expected to continue increasing sales and distribution as it grows. 

Rihanna has her hands in a lot of different things now days, aside from FENTY clothing, she also has her premium skin care line FENTY Beauty. Whether you’re a fan of Rihanna’s music or not, one thing you can’t deny is the fact that she has an impeccable record of business achievements that only seem to be getting bigger. 

Head over to the official FENTY clothing website or Farfetch to get your hands on the Release 6-20 collection now! 

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