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Ryan “Gootecks” Gutierrez’s face removed from Twitch

The PogChamp emote will show up with new shocked and excited faces every 24 hours thanks in part to a ban on Ryan “Gootecks” Gutierrez, after his likeness was kicked off the Twitch platform.

Self-described as the “world’s leading live streaming platform for gamers and the things we love,” Twitch got word of Gutierrez’s comment in regard to 35-year-old Ashli Babbitt, one of the protesters involved in the Capitol Riot. Babbitt, a Trump supporter and subscriber of various alt-right conspiracy theories, was shot and killed while trying to climb through a barricaded door in the building where Capitol police officers were armed on the other side.

Graphic Video Warning: Click here to see video of what lead to Babbitt’s death. This is not suitable for audiences under the age of 17.

In a response to Capitol Riot videos, Gutierrez tweeted the following: “Will there be civil unrest for the woman who was executed inside the Capitol today or will the #MAGAMartyr die in vain?”

After quite a bit of uproar from those speaking out against the Capitol Riot, Twitch confirmed that same day that the company would no longer be using his face as an emote on the Twitch app.

The streaming app’s account went on to confirm that he would be replaced in due time: “We will work with the community to design a new emote for the most hype moments on Twitch.” However, after Sean Plott (Day 9 TV gamer) suggested giving Twitch account holders a bit more variety, they obliged with a 24-hour rotation of faces.

Social media accounts have tightened their reins when it comes to users inciting violence and discrimination, largely due to political and social justice differences. That includes the president of the United States, who was banned from Twitter on January 8, along with 10 other social media platforms.

Only time will tell whether social media policing and restrictions will continue after President-Elect Joe Biden is sworn in virtually on Inauguration Day 2020 tomorrow. So far though, his new Twitter handle @PresElectBiden has gained almost 1 million followers before the White House becomes his residency for the next four years. That doesn’t even come close to his 24.4 million followers on his personal account though.

While U.S. citizens and voters will take their respective sides in the Trump versus Biden alliances, the messaging from the two does come across as drastically different.

From Biden:

And from Babbitt:

“Your government doesn’t fear you anymore. That needs to change. ASAP.”

Somehow though, the former PogChamp still considered Babbitt to be a “martyr.” Judging from the response in less than four hours the same day, Twitch disagreed.

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