Poll: 10 jobs that didn't exist 10 years ago

Technology has created a space we never expected (unless you were a regular viewer of the 1960s show “The Jetsons”). The past 10 years have even initiated jobs we never even heard of but are now a “normal” job to put on a resume. Have you ever held any of these jobs?

  • Have you ever held any of these 10 newer tech-centric jobs?

    • Electric Scooter Charger
      Photo credit: Martin Katler/Unsplash
    • Social Media Manager
      Photo credit: Matthew Reyes/Unsplash
    • Twitch Streamer
      Photo credit: Ella Don/Unsplash
    • Escape Room Owner
      Photo credit: Farzad Mohsenvand/Unsplash
    • Virtual Reality Game Developer
      Photo credit: Hammer & Tusk/Unsplash
    • User Experience Designer
      Photo credit: Brandy Kennedy/Unsplash
    • Millennial Expert
      Photo credit: Cassandra Hamer/Unsplash
    • YouTuber
      Photo credit: Andres Hernandez/Unsplash
    • Instagram Influencer
      Photo credit: Matheus Bertelli/Pexels
    • Ride-Sharing Driver (Uber/Lyft)
      Photo credit: Thibault Penin/Unsplash

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