Quiz: Misleading tweets

Featured post: “Birdwatch, where Twitter users can sing like a canary“ 

  • Who would you be more likely to trust to confirm “misleading” tweets?

    • Birdwatch users
    • Authorized Twitter moderators only
    • I’d rather fact-check on my own
    • I rarely fact-check anyway and don’t care

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Written by Shamontiel L. Vaughn

Shamontiel (pronounced ShÉ™ mawn T L) Latrice Vaughn is a full-time, freelance editor and (copy)writer via Upwork. The Chicago native has 15 years of combined publishing experience in journalism (Chicago Defender, Chicago Tribune, CBS Chicago, Yahoo! Contributor Network); print and online editing (Kaplan Financial, Sun-Times Network); website building and editing; and social media marketing. She is also the author of two novels ("Round Trip" and "Change for a Twenty," written during her undergraduate and grad school days). When she's not reading, writing or editing, Shamontiel is almost always busy working as a condo association president and Toastmasters president.


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Birdwatch, where Twitter users can sing like a canary

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