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QUIZ: Black history in tech

In both public and private schools, we usually get that one paragraph in black history books that highlights the same handful of people (for good reason). But how often do we learn about African and African-American history in business and technology happening then and now? From hip-hop investors to science labs, computer nerds are underestimated and often handsomely compensated. Check out how much you know about some of these techies below.

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    Which computer scientist developed the animation used to create GIFs?

    • Mark Dean
    • Lisa Gelobter
    • Evelyn Boyd Granville
    • Clarence “Skip” Ellis
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    What was the name of the “human computer” who actress Taraji P. Henson played in “Hidden Figures”?

    • Dorothy Vaughan
    • Mary Jackson
    • Katherine Johnson
    • Mrs. Joylette Coleman
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    What is the founder’s name of Black Girls Code?

    • Charlene Hunter
    • Temi Olukoko
    • Sandra Okoli
    • Kimberly Bryant
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    Where is the Afrotech Fest based?

    • Toronto, Canada
    • Ghana, West Africa
    • London, England
    • San Francisco, California
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    Convoz is an app for creating public collaborations, sharing opinions and receiving video responses from others. Which rapper is affiliated with this startup app?

    • Rakim Allah
    • RZA
    • Redman
    • Chamillionaire
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    The “godfather of black Silicon Valley” helped launch Hewlett-Packard’s computer division in the late 1960s. What’s his name?

    • Lonnie G. Johnson
    • Roy L. Clay
    • Emmitt McHenry
    • Stacy Spikes
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    Mims was awarded with the top prize in 2017 in a Startup Battlefield competition. What was the name of the app that proved “this is why [he’s] hot”?

    • Heir
    • DanceJam
    • Slang N’ Friends
    • RecordGram
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    Akon has dreams of creating “Akoin,” a type of digital cash to be used in “Crypto City.” Where will “Crypto City” be located?

    • Senegal
    • Nigeria
    • Sierra Leone
    • Guinea
    • Guinea

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