Tips For Wearing Face Masks During Hot Summer Months

As we all know by now, the coronavirus pandemic has swept across the world faster than the winner at the Daytona 500. With countries everywhere now mandating that their citizens wear face masks to help slow the spread, now people are wondering how they will be able to breathe during the summer while wearing one. 

While face masks do help slow down and prevent the spread of the coronavirus, they also impact our ability to breathe. During the summer months, that discomfort can be amplified due to hot temperatures. 

However, you shouldn’t worry because there are ways that you can wear a face mask during the summer without feeling uncomfortable or becoming overwhelmed by the feeling that you can’t breathe. 

How to breathe while wearing a face mask in the summer 

One of the things you can do to protect yourself while also feeling comfortable is by making sure that you only wear face masks that are made out of 100% cotton material. Cotton enables air to flow through its fiber, allowing you to gain the oxygen necessary to continue living. 

Face masks made out of polyester materials do not allow air to pass through its fibers so easy, which is why health experts warn against the use of face masks made only out of polyester materials. Polyester face masks can also cause your sweat glands to go into overdrive, which can lead to sweat build-up that will eventually cause skin irritation. 

Another way to wear a face mask comfortably during the summer months is by using one that has adjustable straps instead of elastic bands. Elastic bands can put tension on your ears when wearing a mask for extended periods of time, which is why adjustable straps are much better. 

Don’t let Corona get you! 

Take multiple masks with you when you go outside instead of just one so that if one becomes soaked with sweat, you can simply switch it out for a new one. These are all some very simply tips and tricks that you can use to ensure you stay protected during the onslaught of COVID-19 that is taking the country by storm. 

No one really likes having to wear a face mask all the time; however, it is best if you do give the current state of affairs we’re all facing. By taking the time to use these few rules, you can go outside with a face mask on during the summer without breaking a sweat. 

COVID-19 cases are slowly on the rise worldwide, which has caused many people to become even more diligent about where they travel to. Don’t put yourself and other at-risk simply because you don’t want to wear a mask; it goes a long way in helping everyone. 


You can use all of these tips to protect yourself from the spread and transmission of COVID-19 regardless of where you are or where you may be traveling to. Stay safe and enjoy your summer! 

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