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xCloud on Console, Phil Spencer Says It’s on the ‘Long List’ of Things to Do

Xbox Games Studio executive Phil Spencer announces that he and Microsoft want to bring gaming service xCloud to the PC and Xbox consoles. 

It Started with a Tweet

The decision was a response to a fan on Twitter who quote-tweeted insider Ben Gilbert’s question asking why the new Xbox Game Pass won’t stream to PC or consoles.

Spencer replied stating, “Yes, we want to do this. It’s on the long list of cool things the xCloud team is working on, just a bit further down the list. But we want console and PC players to be able to browse as easily as mobile players, it’s a good game pass feature.”

What to Expect 

While internal testing has begun for Windows 10, xCloud is currently only available on Android tablets and phones. Apple guidelines that prevent Microsoft from streaming the Game Pass library are keeping the service from iOS systems. However, despite the fact that the service is an Xbox product, xCloud is unavailable on Xbox consoles, so the games have to be completely downloaded in order to play them.

xCloud would allow games to be played completely online and samples could be tried before downloading if, or when, the service is available on the Xbox.

A Quick Look at xCloud

About a year ago, xCloud was previewed on an international scale and immediately impressed users. The company took about a year after its initial announcement of Project xCloud before games were available to the public on laptops, tablets, or smartphones. While they are able to offer the service on Android equipped phones and tablets, they have yet to offer the service for Xbox consoles or the PC just yet.

What began as a limited system with just four first party games including Gears 5, Killer Instinct, Halo 5: Guardians, and Sea of Thieves, is now a full gaming stream service with various titles available. Though users could initially only use a new Xbox branded Bluetooth streaming remote, the service went on to impress critics and reviewers who seem eager to have the service on PCs and consoles.

Users have complimented the gaming server’s quicker response times than traditional platforms. This is due to the fact that users play directly from large remote servers instead of directly from the hard drive within a console. The XCloud experience is more closely related to PC gaming than the standard Xbox.  It also allows for gaming on the go whether riding as a passenger in a vehicle or train.


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