“Yeezy Gap” Clothing Line Coming Soon

Kayne West is one of the most outspoken artists in the world; throughout his career, he had ruffled many feathers in industries spanning politics and fashion. As you may know, Kanye West has his “Yeezy” line of shoes in partnership with Adidas, and recently he just announced a new partnership with the world-renown clothing company GAP. 

Kanye posted a photo to his Twitter account, a picture of the new line’s logo, “YZY” on the famous blue GAP square. After that, he posted a photo of a model wearing basics and block colors, which many think a hint to the upcoming line’s style. Kanye stated that his mission was to become the “Steve Jobs of The Gap” in a 2015 interview, and it seems that he made good on those aspirations. 

What To Expect From The Partnership 

Doris F. Fisher and Donald Fisher originally started GAP in 1969 when they were experiencing some financial troubles. Since its inception, GAP has had many ups and downs. The most recent one being a shutdown of over 100 physical retail locations in the U.S. GAP, has been forced to close several hundred more of their retail locations thanks to the coronavirus lockdown. 

Kanye West is known for pushing the envelope, and his latest collaboration with GAP is doing just that. There hasn’t been any considerable information or announcements besides the post via Kanye’s Twitter regarding the clothing line, but if his track record means anything, people will be lined up waiting to get their hands on collections included in the “Yeezy Gap” line. 

A couple of months ago, Kanye was developing housing prototypes on his property in Calabassas. That was until construction ceased due to excessive noise on his property, the housing concepts he was developing were going to be used as underground housing areas. 

How Kanye Keeps Evolving 

Since his debut as an artist, West has always advocated for the people and fair/equal justice. There seems to be no industry, field, or practice off-limits for Kanye as his investments and business continue to increase. While the new “YZY” line will be Kanye’s first official clothing store. 

Kanye West is an enigmatic guide both off an ott the mic, while this unpredictableness continually captures the attention of consumers everywhere, Kanye West never disappoints when it comes to breakthrough innovations and ideas in whatever industry he may be in. 


As stated earlier, there is still a lot of unreleased information about the clothing line, so we’ll have to sit back and wait on future announcements. For those people who love unique styles and modern fashion, it seems that you would love the line as it incorporates elements that fans should know West for by now. 

Stay updated on all of Kanye West’s social media channels and public engagement events so that you can be the first to try out everything that relates to the Yeezy and the GAP clothing collection. Kanye West is on a roll, and if history is any teacher, he won’t be stopping anytime soon.


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